The answer is..”peace”.

The other day a friend and I were talking and we were discussing all the incredible issues I had been facing the week before. As I laughed and smiled and told my story about all the unbelievably stressful things that occurred by friend sat in amazement and just looked at me wide-eyed and opened mouthed. Finally he asked, “how do you stay so positive and calm in the face of all of that turmoil????” I was a little surprised by his question but didn’t need to think for more than a second. I know that I work hard to consciously stay in peace as often as I can.  So, my answer was simply, “Peace”.

I am hoping this bit of info will help you find that space and stay there too! You see, my personal view (and I don’t expect anyone to trust this blindly but I do hope you listen to it and take from it what resonates with you) is that we live in a world where all is an illusion. I am sure you heard this theory before. I believe that before we come to this world, we select our lessons and also set some markers for ourselves to help guide us along the way. It is easy to get lost on this journey when we forget to use the light within us all that is naturally present all of the time. Instead, we often walk in darkness and fumble around, trying to find our way. Often suffering needlessly. We hit rocks and trees and sometimes walls (all blocks) along our way. It is only when we choose to use our inner light that we can finally see the path that we set more clearly and walk along with a greater understanding of what we are walking in.

If you consciously stay in your light (stay in your truth) you will find that you sit in peace. You will find it much easier to see through the illusions of life and understand the meaning of your lessons, or at the very least, recognize your lessons. When you understand (or see the path clearly) it is so much easier to walk through without fear. Fear you see, is often the number one thing that holds us back from allowing our light to shine, from allowing us to see our path clearly.

When adversity hits, when you are faced with obstacles, when blocks stand in your way, step back and look at them from a distance. Recognize the lesson, understand the learning that needs to occur, move through without fear and you will find that your life becomes more pleasurable. Your anxiety will be lessened and you will not feel the stress you normally do. It is when we do not trust that we are on the “right” path that we stand in fear and miss that peace.

I am not saying this is an easy task. I am simply suggesting you try to remove the illusion glasses and see what truly and honestly exists. The next step is to deal with the issues by walking forward and taking action. Once you do this you will feel empowered. You will feel more courageous and you will find more positive things will come.

So next time you are faced with car problems, speeding ticket, an irritating boss, slow traffic, etc. then stop for a moment, recognize that you are in an illusion, see the truth of the situation and trust there is reason for all that is existing around you and happening to you. Walk through with light and in truth and all will unfold in a positive manner. As you do this you will feel the peace within begin to grow like a new bud in the spring. As you feed your inner peace you will find so much learning, you will find self-worth, you will find empowerment, you will find your light and you will shine brightly and radiate your peace.

It doesn’t stop there…when you radiate in your peace then you spread that to others. If you feel insignificant and powerless then imagine for a moment that just by standing in your truth, being at peace and radiating that peace, you could essentially positively affect every person that you come into contact with in any way during your day. 

Next time you are faced with the question…choose PEACE!

Spread your light, spread your truth, spread the peace.


*I feel the need to write about eliminating the emotion that clouds us…but that will be for another time.

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Animals as mirrors and healers

Hi all! Did I say I would write soon? I meant in a month. LOL

Well, here I am. I was thinking about what you may find interesting and I have decided that I would speak about animals as mirrors this time around…so, here you go.

Since animals are healing beings they pick up and emulate our emotions and blocks in various ways. They try to take the “blocks” (or illness) from us by bringing them into their own being. Often they will manifest the exact same illness’ and issues as someone they are close to. For example, if you have thyroid issues then your cat or dog will likely exhibit these symptoms or manifest the issue completely as well. Often this occurs even before you realize you have an issue. In actual fact, they are trying to help you heal by taking it on themselves.

Next time you notice that Spot has an allergy, or stomach problems then look around, who is he trying to heal? Who is he picking this up from? 

There are so many examples of this in my animal readings that I don’t even know where to begin in order to share some insight with you. One amazing story is about a dog who was diagnosed with a brain tumor. I met with the owner and we discussed where this could have been picked up? She mentioned she had been having headaches so I suggested she seek medical testing. Low and behold she was diagnosed with a brain tumor only three weeks later!

I think I have made my point. Pay attention to your animals they are our mirror in more way than this.

On behalf of the animals,


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Well, I have finally leaped into cyberspace blogland. LOL

I know a lot of people have been asking for this so here it is. I can’t say as I can commit to updating this routinely but I will do my best.

I am excited to offer you updates on my work and life experiences through this new vehicle of information. Please feel free to share your comments.

Do note that my new office will be up and running in Cookstown, Ontario, Canada as of April 1, 2011. I will keep you posted!

So, here we have it! I will chat again soon.

In light,


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